Synagogue Membership Software

Just as the name implies, synagogue membership software is church software designed to suit the needs of a synagogue or a synagogue office. We have to say that there are huge similarities with church management software or church office management software. The differences only appear in some features that are modified to suit the needs of a Synagogue. Now, instead of talking about what is synagogue membership software let us talk about packages available for sale that are popular amongst users. Let us review them as the information about what it is can easily be understood by reading the articles regarding Church Management Software. As you will read the features of the synagogue membership software we will review you will realize what the differences are.

Rakefet for Windows

Rakefet is a very good synagogue membership software with a lot more features that actually transforms it in actual church management software. Also, it is very popular, being used in over 865 organizations in the whole world and that number is constantly growing. Let us analyze what Rakefet synagogue membership software has to offer users and what makes it so special. It is a treat that manufacturers realized that this type of software is special and have included particular tools to aid.

First of all you will be able to build a very complex membership database. After that you can use included management tools, and several money related features such as accounting keeping, invoice printing and many more. Synagogue membership software has to have features related to synagogues and Rakefet has an integrated Jewish Calendar and Yahrzeit notices. Also you have the possibility to use more users and networking tools to aid you do that even better. Technical support is available and this is always an added plus, not only with synagogue membership software but with any software out there.

When buying synagogue membership software , just like with any church software package you will be analyzing the price. Rakefet for Windows costs $995 and extra fees are added with some extra features that are available. For more details and complete price listing visit

Gabai Synagogue Management

 Gabai 2000 is a very useful synagogue membership software package, suitable for use in any synagogue and especially designed for it. This has done with the needs of the synagogue in mind. Such needs number specific tasks to be done that makes this type of package different from other church software programs. A synagogue membership software package has to include these extra features such as special calendars for instance because of the different times it needs to address. For instance we have Bar Mitzvahs and Yahrzeits.

Let us talk about the features in Gabai Synagogue Management. Talking about church management we have to talk about membership. Gabai has the possibility of building that complex database that is needed. 50,000 members can be stored in it and the easiness in use is a delight. A good synagogue membership software package has to track Synagogue events. Gabai does this with just a click of the mouse and a simple data entry. Do you need information such as charts, labels, calendars, reports and any other thing that might appear related to the synagogue? Gabai synagogue membership software is again a valuable tool towards that. Analyze the included accounting features, the Shabbat Prayers Kiddush & Shalos Seudos Scheduler and the Hebrew English Date Calculator and you can see this is a great software solution.

Analyzing the price you will surely be amazed. Gabai synagogue membership software only costs $399.95 plus SH fees. Other packages that have the same features will cost a lot more but Gabai is very popular just because of the price. For purchasing and more information visit

As you probably realized synagogue membership software is a great tool to have and use to make your synagogue grow and basically keep everything in control. Several other packages are available to buy and it is important to research before you do this. There is the possibility that another package than the one we presented is the best synagogue membership software solution you might need. Keep this in mind and you are on your way to buying the best software package that suits your particular needs.

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