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At this moment, the church means more than just parishioners participating to religious services. Today, the functioning of a congregation implies a great variety of activities. This is why the people who work for the good development of the activities taking place within the church say that they never have sufficient time, money or people.

The solution for keeping things running smoothly in a church is to use special software for church management. The utilization of church management software saves a lot of time, and permits a very precise control of all financial aspects related to the church as well al member management.

You can find a variety of software products of this kind on the market, some targeted to small or average churches, other to churches with hundreds of parishioners. So, no matter how big or small your church is, you are sure to find an adequate solution. These software packages can include one or more programs, depending on the needs of each church and the amount of money the church is willing to invest in the software.


A Sunday service will be more pleasant if it is officiated with the help of video software, which creates an adequate ambient by playing a nice music, by showing sequences of scripts or videos with  religious themes. This type of videos software can be used for various other activities carried out by groups or Sunday schools.

Also using specialized church software church leaders can manage services, they can archive data and store comments or feedback from parishioners for each sermon, this leading to an improvement of the preaching.

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Financial accounting software used for institutions are not appropriate for churches, and that is why developers have created specific church financial software tools. These programs can manage all funds from donations, tithes, or other sources, can keep track of various valuables belonging to the church, as well as pledges of donations made by individuals. They will also let you keep accurate records of expenditures, whether they consist of paid salaries, aids for the parishioners, investments or other categories of expenditure.

Financial and accounting software applications let users issue and then print accounting and financial reports.  Financial audits are conducted much more easily; also, this makes for an even greater confidence from the parishioners’ point of view, thus making sure that the church money are well managed.

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However, the most important thing in every church is the group of its community members. A pastor’s main concern is the care shown to his parishioners. They should feel they are important for the church, that their joys and sorrows are heard, that both them and their families mean a lot to the community. That is why so many software applications for managing the members of a church have been developed, these being of great help to pastor. A powerful church management tool is PowerChurch. We have also presented other interesting solutions in previous articles related to Church Management Software for Windows XP and Church Management Software for Apple users.

For each congregation member you can track his attendance at services, Sunday school or other activities that took part in a certain period of time. You can also hold useful information about church members, like the address and current contact details, family members, the most important events of his life, the different talents and skills they might possess, the donations they made, the aids received and the charity events they attended to. You can keep records of the dates other people come to visit your parishioners, as well as schedule these visits.

Membership management software can also be used to track visitors, to determine the frequency of their visits and the interest they show for the church. If the reports are good, church leaders can decide to invite them become permanent members of the congregation.

By processing all data, a complex church management software can give a clear picture on the evolution of the church on a certain period of time, providing useful information (e.g. if the number of parishioners grew or has declined) for improving the activity of the church.

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There is also a type of church management software that offers the possibility of hosting the church’s Web site on a domain against a certain amount. Creating a site for the church has proved to be extremely useful because it enables the church to be known by more people. It also offers parishioners the opportunity to review certain activities within the church directly from their home. The church leaders can decide to pose videos or photos, made at various events which are important to the community, to the church’s website for everyone to see, and possibly download a copy on their own PC.  Pastors can also post the religious services on the site for those who, for some reason, could not attend to the worship.

Another big advantage of having an internet connection is that the person in charge of managing different aspects regarding the church activity can access data from anywhere and at any time and make changes in real time, thus saving a lot of time.

The question to be posed in today’s churches isn’t whether or not to acquire management software, but which one is best suited for that particular church. Fortunately this is not a big problem since church software developers can help you make the right decision depending on your requirements and your budget. They can also train your staff in using the software properly.



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