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Church Management Software Packages are designed to help you run your congregation in an orderly and efficient manner, allowing you to dedicate more time to church members. You can find more about their benefits in our article about church management software. There are many Church Management products on the market today, some of them good, others less pricy but not so qualitative.

If you seek an all-in-one management software solution that is powerful enough to track all of the details of your church, no matter how big your church is and still be simple enough for everyone to use, PowerChurch Software is the way to go.

There are a number of different products developed by PowerChurch Software and you can decide which one best suits the needs of your church by reading their description below.

PowerChurch Plus is a complete software package helps you streamline your accounting and administrative tasks and improve the outreach of your church. The package features a large number of enhancements that helps you simplify your tasks, increase efficiency and foster your ministry. The software contains a number of accounting, membership, contribution and event scheduling modules that work together to make church management easier.

The Membership module streamlines the process of adding new members and maintaining or updating existing information on families (such as contact information or photographs), individuals, activities, skills that you members might posses such as carpentry or teaching, attendance (at church services, in Sunday school classes, at committee meetings and any other activities), visitation records, ministry services such as baptism, marriages or funerals. In the latest version you can also find new features like family and personal web site fields added or allergies and medical condition notes fields on each individual.

The Accounting module assures that your finances are more accurate and secure though its cash-based, double-entry accounting system designed especially for ministries. This module allows you to track general ledger entries, manage and balance all your funds and generate reports regarding your current or last year’s financial status, manage accounts receivable and handle payroll data (including checks). It also allows you to keep records of all you payment history, invoices and recurring payments so that you will always pay bills on time. Of course, you can at any time print the records you need.

The Contribution module offers a secure way to record contribution data, pledges or faith promises. It can also generate electronic contribution statements which you can send to contributors via e-mail, thus saving time and money.

The Event Scheduling module allows you to efficiently plan and manage multiple concurrent activities by offering tools for equipment inventory or task coordination. You can assign specific tasks to members and even send automatic e-mail reminders.


PowerChurch comes with built-in security features which protect the privacy of your church. You can set access levels for each person who might use the software, ensuring that only authorizes personnel have access to private data and you can also back-up data and burn it to a CD for enhanced security.

PowerChurch Plus even received the highly regarded Campbell Award for User Satisfaction in 2009. This software is licensed to churches, not individuals and is network-ready. The price is $295 (+$15shipping) and is available only as a full-package (modules are not sold separately).


PowerChurch can be accessed from any computer that is connected to the Internet though an installation of PowerChurch Plus named PowerChurch Online. It is compatible with PC, MAC Linux and Pocket PC and costs $39.95 per month for two concurrent users or $455 per year.  Data conversion from other software into PowerChurch Online is possible but at an additional cost.

If you have decided to buy PowerChurch or you already have the software, here are some more programs designed to work alongside it.

The PowerChurch Check In is a system designed to work together with PowerChurch Plus in that all people included in a specific event or activity in the PowerChurch Plus will automatically appear in the check in system. The main purpose of this system is to assure child security and protection, by identifying and keeping records of family members, volunteers or other employees that pick up or drop off children. You can also automatically record attendance for people that are checked in. This software can run perfectly fine on PCs, Laptops or small-screen systems. It costs $139.



Other two products from PowerChurch are PowerChurch Mailroom and Pocket PowerChurch. The mailroom assists you through bulk mailing preparation and generates all the paperwork and required forms for you. It works directly with the PowerChurch Plus information so you won’t have to import or export data. The price depends on the number of mail pieces sent per week, ranging from $199 per year (up to 399 pieces per week) to $799 per year (up to 2499 pieces per week).



Pocket PowerChurch is an add-on that allows you to synchronize membership information from the PowerChurch Plus database into your Pocket PC or Palm OS device. The price is $45 and the shipping is free.

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