Easy Worship Church Software makes Sermons a Breeze

The term “easy worship church software” describes software packages that are not difficult to understand and use. Today’s churches must adapt to technological changes and people’s need of innovation and entertainment. If you want to see more people coming to sermons and make the audience more enthusiastic, you must make the sermons more interactive by offering audio, video or even web support that will accompany the readings from the Bible. It is a well-demonstrated fact that people respond better to graphics than just plain text or spoken words. Remember, a picture can say more than a thousand words. We’ve made a list of some of the most ranked easy worship software packages available.

  • EasyWorship

  • The most widely used easy worship software is “EasyWorship”, a product we have already talked about in a previous article. However, in the 2009 version there are several new features that are worth mentioning.

First, it’s the Stage Display, which lets the stage see a custom display of the current PowerPoint presentation, a preview of what’s next, a clock and pre-defined alerts.


easyworship video

The Video Jockey (VJ) Mode lets you switch backgrounds during a live song or scripture with just one click. You can also view your media library in the Live Area, making it really easy to fade between backgrounds.



Another great new feature is web integration through URL scheduling and full screen YouTube video support. This way you can play videos directly from the internet and also show the congregation pages from your website. You can buy the full version of the software for $399 or switch to EasyWorship from another product for $199. A free 30-day trial can de downloaded here.


Adoration Worshipware

Adoration Worshipware is an easy worship presentation software that allows you to use full motion video as a background to text lyrics from songs. You can also choose different songs from CDs and DVDs and then play and control the playback from within the application. The price for this soft is $99.99.


Software Manager 1

A free, easy-to-use worship software is Software Manager 1. Compatible with Windows XP and having a size of only 13 MB, this application has the advantage that you can test it for free. You can download it from here.



  • If you are looking for a lyric projection software but you cannot afford to buy an expensive one, you could try a free program like OpenLp. Even though it’s still in the beginning stages of the development, it received good reviews from users at forums. There are various data import and export functions. The regular operations performed with this program are song management, adding bible verses, loading a project or video or importing a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. More advanced features include slider customization, using alerts, using the existing themes or creating new ones. You can download one of the releases here.


  • SetPicker


  • SetPicker is an administration software for Worship Leaders. Designed for Windows, it offers the following functionalities: manage song lists, write sets, schedule team members, keep track of vacation days, broadcast email to all members, write and transpose sheet music. It costs $69.95.
  • OpenSong
  • Another interesting (and free!) software for presenting lyrics using a projector in an attractive manner is OpenSong. The application gives an easy way to manage chords and lyrics sheets and also offers worship leaders some great extra functionality such as scripture integration and timed loops for running announcements before sermons.
  • Mediashout

  • If your church is not on a very tight budget you can choose to buy a professional worship and media presentation software like MediaShout Version 4. This product has different kinds of functionalities, ranging from basic, comprehensive worship presentations to more powerful multimedia experiences. The software is compatible with all Windows platforms and costs $389.

  • You can find out more about worship software and the benefits it can bring to your congregation from our article What is easy worship software”.