Church Song Management Software

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The church software industry is huge and evolving every month to provide users with as much features as possible. One branch it includes is church song management software. Few people really know about it as it can also fall in the worship software category. Most users actually think that church song management software is worship software when this is not exactly the case and there are several differences between the two.

The biggest difference we have to talk about is in the purpose of the software. Worship Software is more complex and covers more functions to aid in preparing for a full worship session while church song management software is designed for song management, just as the name says. Although some packages have the feature of providing background and even fades from page to page we can not say that they reach the complexity of worship software. Basically, church song management software is a great solution for smaller churches or for churches that want to plan smaller worship sessions.

church song management software has to come with a big list of songs included in the package. These songs usually contain lyrics as well and in some cases even the notes to properly sing it using musical instruments as well. When buying church song management software you have to analyze this aspect and see if there is the possibility of connecting to an Online song database to download even more songs. Why is this so important? Because at some point in time the members of your church will know all the songs and although this is great (because all the songs are religious and contain religious teachings), there will be a lack in new entertainments. church song management software keeps members entertained from a religious point of view. A good worship sessions should include songs and the possibility of seeing the lyrics and notes on a monitor is a welcomed added plus.

Lately we have seen a popular add on in church song management software. This consists in Bible writings. Some packages even include the whole Bible in different language formats and you have the possibility of adding extracts from it to the presentation monitor. It is a great feature to have when discussing the teachings of the Bible. Search capabilities are also a must have in church song management software packages because it can become difficult to look for a song if there are thousands available. Also, during a session you might want to use a different song because of how it is going and the possibility of quickly changing should be looked up.

church song management software is also highly customizable. You should have the possibility of changing fonts, background images and several other features depending on the package. Some even let you use live feedback from a video camera or can play a DVD movie. It is needless to say that playing a religious DVD Movie with surround sound output can provide a great feeling to the session and church song management software with this feature included is great.

Integration with other software is again something very popular when it comes to church song management software features. The most common one is Powerpoint with several packages out there being able to integrate Powerpoint slide shows or presentations or export in a file format that is recognized by Powerpoint. Also, reports can sometimes be exported in DOC format, compatible with Microsoft Word.

church song management software is a very powerful tool to have but we must point out the fact that you have to research before buying. There are few packages available labeled church song management software because of the simple fact that worship software sells better. Because of this manufacturers chose to say that their product is worship software, designed to aid in worship sessions. Only few manufacturers will label their product as church song management software. The truth is that either you look after worship software or church song management software there isn't that much of a difference between them so you should analyze them both before deciding. Downloading a demo and looking after training if needed and maybe a money back guarantee if a demo is not available should also influence you. The idea is: try and research before buying a church song management software package so that you will make the best choice to suit your particular needs.

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