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We will help you choose the right church management software by offering you a list of some of the best providers and their products' main features. Check them out below.


Acolyte Technologies

Acolyte Technologies is a software developer based in Brampton, Ontario, Canada whose declared goal is to offer flexible, powerful and easy-to-use software solutions to churches and non-profit organizations at an affordable price. Their products fall intro three main categories: Church Management System, Accounting System and School Management System. Each oh them has its own modules for the different functionalities the software have to offer to help ministries organize themselves more efficiently. The Church Management Software has a Parishioners Module, which includes the essential information on the parishioners and each family member, a Donation module, through which you can keep weekly collections entries, a Ministries and Facilities Scheduling Module, in which you can create a separate table for each of the organizations or activities in your church and maintain the schedules for the different activities, a Profiles Module with which you can generate reports that give you an in-depth knowledge of your parish through its parishioners, collections, sacraments and demographic profiles, Sacraments Modules and Liturgy Schedules Modules. You can order their products online on .


Roll Call Church Software

Roll Call Church Software is an easy-to-use yet powerful management software from By the Book which allows you to create a centralized database through which you will easily be able to find information, run reports, manage groups, classes and much more. Since it is built on a robust, cross platform database, the software can be run on Windows, Mac OSX, stand alone or on a network. You can try it for free here to see if it fully meets your requirements.


Ministry ToolBox Online

Ministry ToolBox Online is a web-based application that allows its clients to create and manage your ministry’s website entirely through your Internet browser, thus having complete control over the design and content of the website without the expense of a professional developer. Ministry ToolBox is a strategic planning and project management software that comes in many editions of ToolBox, ranging from an entry-level program suitable for smaller churches, to professional editions for a complete strategic church planning, all using the same engine. You can purchase them online here.


Church Windows

Church Windows software provides an easy and efficient way to track the church’s members, its events, and givings and also to handle the church receipts, disbursements, its budget and its employee payroll. The software is available as an integrated program or as individual modules, namely: Membership, Contribution, Scheduler, Accounting and Payroll modules. To see it in action, you can get a free working trial of Church Windows  software from their website.


Church Pro

church pro

Church Pro is an all-in-one Management and Accounting Software that has over 200 forms and over 800 already professionally designed reports to help you administer your church in an easy and efficient manner. The initial packet contains unlimited data records for data entry, free install and 90-days of free technical support and 30-day money bank guarantee. System prices start at $299. You can order a free demo at




ChurchWatch is an innovative 32 bit software application that works exclusively on Windows Operating Systems, even on Windows 7. The software has a straight-forward, user-friendly design and is flexible enough to meet the specific needs of every church. With ChurchWatch  you will be able to keep track of membership, attendance, calendars, contributions and pledges, event and much more. There are three versions of ChurchWatch: a full-version, for churches with more than 250 people, a “light” version for smaller churches, and a network version for hard-wired or wireless Windows networks. You can download a free demo here or learn how to buy the software online from


Excellerate Church Management Software


Excellerate Church Management Software is a cutting-edge system designed to help growing churches be more successful through a better organization of member information, improving follow-up, streamlining the check-in process, simplifying contribution reports and drastically reducing paperwork by integrating with your church web site! The software is completely customizable to fit any ministry. You can order the product online from their official website or order a demo copy here.


Master Meter Systems

Master Meter Systems has a wide variety of meter options, from drive-by meter reading, handheld meter reading, cell phone based meter reading, meter installation to utility billing, fixed base, and data management, which can be used individually or in combination to handle any scenario. You can request a quote or demo online here.


Faithful Steward

Faithful Steward is a flexible, affordable, easy to use and to customize donation software for churches. The most popular features the package has to offer are: membership management for an unlimited number of people, attendance recording, donation management (it creates a deposit electronically in Quicken, Quickbooks, Peachtree, MYOB or Aatrix accounting software), powerful records and resilient data protection in case the computer crashes. Order online from or request a free demo.


HPC Business Consultants

HPC Business Consultants are specialized in helping churches and other organizations institute effective management systems and strategies. Their church services include: church growth principles, church management and web site marketing for your ministry’s site.  HPC offers a great church software package called Church Growth Software, a church management software designed for purpose driven churches. You can find more information about this program in our article about church growth software. For a list of their products and prices, visit the HPC store.

Helpmate Technology Solutions


Helpmate Technology Solutions is a world-wide provider of church management software solutions and related services, the most important products being Church Helpmate, Event Helpmate. Church Helpmate is a simple, yet powerful tool which helps church leaders manage households and individuals, contacts, groups, meetings and attendances, pledges, connections and make reminders or statistics, while Event Helpmate offers managing services for meetings, retreats, workshops, seminars, and other events. Order online from


Hunter Systems

Hunter Systems develops administration software for private schools and non-profit organizations, like Catholic Churches. Their products for churches are Giftrack, a fundraising and donor management system designed to help with the daily entries of names and receipts (HUNTER-GIFT1 SI 2.PNG), Accountrak , a very easy-to-use found accounting and payroll software package and Librarian’s Edge, a library automation software that is very flexible and has an intuitive and friendly user interface(HUNTER-EDGE.PNG). Hunter Systems also offer a very convenient Online or Onsite Training  to help you understand their products better and faster. You can request products online at   


ICON CMO Systems

icon1 icon2

ICON CMO Systems is an all-in one web-based church software solution for membership, contributions, funds or accounting management, offering real-time updates and enhanced security. If you want to connect more churches on the same network, you can opt for the CMO Plus version of the software. This second version uses a single database for all churches, thus allowing an effective view and management of all ministries with just a single server! ICON also offer a third, network-based software solution for automating administrative tasks and building fellowships in your ministry. You can order a free 10-day trial to test the products from


Logos Church Management Software


Logos Church Management Software has a variety of new releases, from accounting applications to social networking software like Logo360, a tool which lets the members of your congregation connect in a secure web environment. Learn more about each of their products from the company’s website.


Forms Boss Plus


A very powerful, easy-to-use and affordable ACORD forms software solution is Forms Boss Plus. They offer 500+ ACORD forms free of charge which you can request here. If you decide you like their software, you can upgrade to more complex versions, namely Option 2, which lets you fill in forms through web browsers anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection, and Option 3 or The Desktop Version, which automates the form processing task, making you work much easier.


Mapping Center


Mapping Center offers mapping and connection tools to help ministries increase their outreach, build personal relationships between members, add more visitors or connect with new neighbors. Church leaders are offered many tools for church growth, the most important being the targeted mailing lists of containing contact information about members of the community, maps for visitor follow-up and tracking tools to quickly find any house in the area. You can place an order at and if you are not satisfied with the product after a month, you will receive a re-fund.


Youth Track

Youth Track is a powerful database application designed especially for youth workers. The database has pre-defined and user-defined data fields, ready-made reports, mail merging, resource tracking, import/export capabilities and security features. To decide if the program works for you, download the full evaluation version (that comes with an already set-up Sample database) from


Parish Data


Parish Data offers a wide range of software solutions for churches, diocese and schools, the most important ones being: tools for membership management, religious education management, sacramental registry management, financials, scheduling tools, tools for parochial and high school administration, hosting solutions and email management tools. You can download free demos of their products here.


ParishSOFT Church Software


The products from ParishSOFT Church Software fall into two categories: church software and diocese software, all designed for keeping your information organized and efficiently handling administrative tasks. This management software solution has a database commonly shared by all integrated modules, which can be accessed at anytime and from any PC or laptop with an Internet connection. The modules are available separately or as a complete package. You can request a demo of the ParishSOFT products at


PowerChurch Software

Maybe the most ‘buzzed-about’ church management software available on the market today is PowerChurch Software. The software has a number of different modules for accounting, membership tracking and management, recording contributions and event scheduling. You can read more about this software as well as other add-ons designed to work with PowerChurch Plus in our article power-church-management-software-solutions.htm. Request a free demo at


RDS Advantage


RDS Advantage is an all-in-one management software for churches and non-profit organizations that features: group management, attendance tracking, prospect/contributor database, volunteer scheduling, contribution and pledges administration, automated banking, internet interactivity, children’s check-in and security tools. To find out more about RDS Advantage, take a look at their powerpoint presentation at


Richmond software

Richmond software is a bilingual (English and French) church management system that lets you keep complete information about community members, attendance, offerings and finances and make updated reports and inquiries over the period of your choice. The system is password-protected to make sure sensitive information doesn’t leak. Download a demo of the program here.

Servant Keeper

Servant Keeper provides a large number of church management software products used now by over 20,000 churches. Although it has some very powerful features, the software remains very easy to use. The programs are customizable to fit the needs of any ministry and fully automated, in the sense that once you have entered some data, you won’t have to enter it again because the program does this for you. Purchase their products online from


The Specialty Software Maintenance-Club

The Specialty Software Maintenance-Club was founded by a local pastor who had experience in church growth and also good programming skills. Their declared goal is to deliver good, easy-to-use church management software and support to ministries of all sizes. They have products for creating custom reports, pictures and visuals, for found accounting and full-featured management. You can order an evaluation of their various programs online at and you‘ll also receive a 30-day club membership for technical guidance and access to the forums free of charge.




CDM+ is more than an average church management system, it is also a dynamic database software which lets you not only store data, but also retrieve it through highly customizable reports. The suite includes programs for:  Membership andAttendance, Finance Accounting, Payroll, Contributions, Event Registration, Roommate Facilities and Check-In/Check-Out. You can also have access to your data remotely with related programs CDM+ Remote Access, CDM+ Data Hosting and CDM+ Web Ministry Tools. Download full demos of the CDM+ programs at


TLC Communications

TLC Census and Contributions is a user-friendly church management system designed for both church personnel and volunteers to offer them a fast and easy way to enter and maintain records for ministry information. For any information regarding the software submit the form at


Worshipteam is a new Worship Planning website for music and congregation teams that lets church leaders choose from over 5000 available songs or add their own and then transpose them.  The site’s database includes full audios, song charts and lyrics which can be printed. You can also practice songs in their practice pad, export them to presentation software programs like EasyWorship or MediaShout or create PowerPoint files with your chosen list of songs. To explore all the features of the software try it one month free of charge by making an account here.

Other church software providers include MPower Systems, for donor relationship management programs, MinistryWare for church management software, Visual Church Software, for a list of various church software titles, Pastor’s Tookbox, and My Parish Email. 


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