Church Management Software for Windows XP, Windows 7

Our goal is to offer an objective review on the best and worst church management software packages, focusing on the new releases for Windows XP and Windows 7. As we stepped into the new millennium, technology immersed in every aspect of our everyday life, including the way churches and congregations are managed. A number of companies specialized themselves in producing qualitative and easy-to-use church software products. They are usually very user-friendly and easy to learn, and offer a variety of facilities to meet every church’s needs. A management software is a powerful tools which will make it easier to keep track and to properly organize all the information in a church or congregation. Also, updates will be made effortless and in no time.

If you don’t look for something in particular, you might want to see our reviews of the best church management software packages available on the market today.

If on the other hand you are looking for specific church management software for Windows XP or even the new Windows 7, this article will give you some guidelines. As there is such a wide variety of programs to choose from you need to know exactly what you need the program to do. Fortunately, as with most of the software today, these too offer trial versions and demos that allow you to first evaluate the product, check out its pros and cons and then make a correct decision. Tutorials also come in handy, as it is much easier to learn ‘as-you-go’ and seeing specific examples, than reading tons of documentation pages. It is a good practice to read the Product Overview as well as the Benefits and Features so that you have a clear picture of what that software has to offer and to utilize all of its facilities. The suits for Windows XP and higher are compatible with earlier Windows versions, usually going to Windows 98, not older. If you will at some point use them in older versions, you might want to check just to be sure.

The Church Contribution System for Windows is an easy-to-use program designed to record  contributions, print statements, receipts, membership information, committee lists, activity lists, mailing labels, directories, and many more. The number of members is virtually only limited by hard disk space so it can be used for large and also small churches that continue to expand. If you want to also take advantage of the extensive membership and reporting capabilities of the program, you can record pledges, additional family member personal information, lists of members who are involved in activities, record participation (used to track attendance) and set up user-defined mailing lists. A tutorial runs you step-by-step through the main operations of the program. There is a 90-day free trial period that allows you generate reports and try various program options before you purchase the software for your church, ministry or non-profit organization.You can find out more about this product here.

The Church Treasurer for Windows is an accounting program which helps you to keep track of the church’s budget, income and expense and to organize complex records or produce time consuming reports with just a few clicks. As with most of these programs, you just have to complete simple forms with the data and select the desired transaction type.

Another  accounting program that provides an easy way to handle the church receipts and disbursements, its budget and its employee payroll is Church Windows software. It too is very easy to use and is available as a full program or as individual modules. The modules include: membership, scheduler, contribution, accounting and payroll. Running Church Windows on a Windows® 7 computer requires Church Windows 2009 SR-1 or newer.


An example of church software for Windows XP that doesn’t support Win95 is ChurchWatch. It has a modern, Vista-like look which makes it fun to learn and is available is single user and network versions. It takes an extra care of security issues - with user names and passwords - giving users access only to the parts of the program they need. The software is compatible with Excel, Word, and other accounting programs. Very good in terms of database management it can handle multiple church databases and has no storing limits. Its novelty resides in the fact that it is organized into a series of easy-to-use "managers", namely: Membership Manager,Visitor Manager, Giving Manager, Pledge Manager, Schedule Manager, Bible Manager,Sermon Managerror Mail Manager. ChurchWatch version 5 is fully compatible with the new Windows 7 operating system.