8 Amazing things you can do with Church Management Software

Nowadays, church management software is used in an extensive manner because it is a modern and efficient solution for church leaders to run their church. Although, at a first glance you might think that all types of church software are the same thing, a deeper analysis reveals there is a wide variety of tool sites that may offer appropriate and efficient administration solutions for all types of congregations or churches.

The right choice of church management software can be made by following a comparison between what is necessary to be kept under control in the ministry by church leaders, what the diverse software types have to offer and which is the allocated amount to purchase the software.

Using church management software, all the administrative tasks are achieved easier, faster and more precise. This allows you to spend more time doing what is in fact the objective of every congregation: helping, guiding and supporting people, because it is a well known fact that every church means mainly offering guidance to all its members. Church leaders always complain that they never have enough time to achieve all that is necessary in this sense.

Following a study conducted by the church management software uses, eight fantastic things you can do using this type of software were identified, not necessarily in the order presented below, because all of them can be considered equally important.


Membership management software

1. Membership management – this feature permits maintaining a personal record for each  member of the congregation; data contained in these records can be:

- contact information for individual members (phone, address, email, etc),
- data about families: composition, occupation, anniversary dates, pictures from various important events in a person’s life
- information about different activities in which members participate: church attendance or absence, participation in various reunions or humanitarian activities, bringing visitors;
- maintaining a fluent and easy communication regarding the activities carried on by the church, the various events that are being organized, sending emails to members, etc
- information about the amounts of money donated or received as aid;



Church Accounting Software (Treasurer)

    • 2. Tracking finances  - there are software applications that offer the possibility of a good finance management, using accounting software for maintaining an evidence of donations and expenses. This way, management of church funds becomes much easier to achieve and also to audit, providing full transparency. This contributes to an easier access to loans from the banc. Using this type of software for money management can also give an extra confidence to parishioners on a correct and efficient management of church funds.
    • 3. Tracking attendances and groups - church management software can also offer the possibility to create directories for the various groups organized in a congregation, such as summer school groups, Sunday school, Bible study groups, choirs and many more. You can also keep records of group attendance, the activities in which they participate in or even inform groups of possible changes in a schedule.
    • 4. Contribution (donation) records – In a church you can establish funds with a special character for specific purposes, other than Sunday contributions, like the ones for expanding the church or building a new one. These funds also contain information about individuals or organizations that have made the most important donations, so you can make a presentation to nominate the most important donors, as well as those who have significantly contributed in another way (by work for example) to achieving a certain purpose.

    5. Some management software applications offer the possibility of recording the Sunday service which you can then post on the church’s website. This way, people that, for some reasons (medical or other) couldn’t participate at the service or people that want to hear the service again, now have the opportunity to review it.

    6. Events and calendars – with a church management software you can create calendars for the different events that your congregation organizes, calendars to which all community members  have access to. These calendars also keep them informed in advance about the events that are to be held, as well as the aid program for regular visits (such as visiting the elderly, hospital visits, etc)


    Church Membership Online


    7. Using a management software that is  hosted on an Internet domain enables the possibility of accessing church information anywhere and anytime, thus offering a great flexibility in one’s schedule and increasing efficiency for the people that are in charge of administrative asks.

    8. Reduce expenses and save time – Using a management software product will surely lead to significant financial savings due to the fact that for many administrative activities less staff is needed. All activities that relate to the financial aspect take place much faster and  any information on congregation members or activities is found more quickly, thus saving your managerial staff a lot of time.


     For all these fantastic features and others that can be discovered by using church management software, users consider this software to be a true gain for the church, because they have many resources at their disposal that enable a fast update of any information and a better organization for  their entire activity. What is as important is that your ability to maintain relationships and to communicate with people becomes much easier.



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